Because there are so many different combinations of mats, frames, window types, and sizes, ordering is easiest to do by email, and we can correspond to figure out the best customized option for you. So here are the main categories and the information that will help me get you pricing and delivery information:

Matted print: these generally come in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, and 24x30 sizes (overall dimensions), generally with a single white mat. If you tell me the image name, the size(s) you're interested in, and a zip code, I can get you a complete price (including shipping) and a likely delivery date, and we can go from there. Some landscape images come in more unusual sizes, such as 12x22 or 18x36. All prints are signed and in limited-number series.

Framed print: the sizes usually correspond to the matted print sizes above, but special orders are possible if you have a particular set of requirements. I can use either glass (better optics, more expensive to ship) or acrylic (scratches more easily, very lightweight, easier to ship) as you prefer.

Windows: these are one-of-a-kind items because I use re-purposed old windows from barns and other settings, and every frame is different. The image is printed on a transparent medium which adheres to the glass, so the original glass of the window is completely intact. The photographs are waterproof and UV fade-resistant, and can be hung either indoors or outside, sun or shade, artificial and/or natural light. They can be cleaned with any regular window cleaner and a soft rag. They transmit a large amount of light, but in most cases can be hung on a white wall and work effectively. With L-brackets that give them an inch or two of space away from the wall, they will be brighter. And of course if they are hung as a room partition or in front of a window, they will be even brighter still.

I try to match my photographs to the windows I use, but if you want a particular photo in a particular kind of window (you can specify the number of panes, for instance), I will do my best to locate an appropriate frame. Tell me the rough size you are interested in, and any other information that might be relevant about the window style you'd prefer - wood or painted, hardware or no hardware, wavy glass or not, newer or older style window... - and I'll see what I can find. Please note that older windows can be very fragile and I cannot guarantee their integrity through shipping, even with the most careful packaging. If you are able to get to central Ohio or southeastern Michigan, I'd much rather hand you the window in person than take chances with a shipper.

So, if you're willing to send an email to ask about possibilities, I can get back to you quickly, awk@walden1.com.

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